Three meetings to be held on O’Hare noise concerns

Three meetings to be held on O’Hare noise concerns

CHICAGO — Residents of Chicago’s Northwest Side and suburban communities around O’Hare Airport will soon have an opportunity to sound off about airport noise.

All involved in getting to this point are calling it a huge victory for the thousands of people who have had their lives and the peace and quiet of their homes interrupted by jet noise coming from O’Hare.

Today state, federal and local leaders — along with the community organization FAiR (Fair Allocation in Runways) which has fought for residents to have a say when it comes to airport noise and the impact it has on their lives — announced there will be a series of three meetings in which they can voice their concerns to all parties involved. That includes the FAA and the city of Chicago.

No date has been set for these meetings. The group expects to hear from the city on potential dates this week.

The group fully expects that Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be at the table participating in these meetings.

Also, it was announced that the city of Chicago, which up until now has refused to compromise on potential noise abatement measures, has had a change of heart and is now asking the FAA to delay plans to close one of the diagonal runways at O’Hare while it works to come up with a plan to help alleviate jet noise. Those diagonal runways could help spread the number of planes arriving and departing over a wider area, thus helping to defuse jet noise.